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Every aspect from the healthy/fresh snacks, kind company, learning and relaxation was what this mama needed. Yoga was an extra special treat and the perfect way to complete the afternoon. Above all, connecting with other moms was very fulfilling. Thank you, Lindsey.


This was my very first experience with yoga and it was sooo relaxing! I was at the retreat for the postpartum side of things, so being able to have an afternoon of learning and "me time" was what I didn't realize I needed! Also, just chatting with the other moms and professionals and sharing stories was so nice. Takes some of the motherhood loneliness away! Every session was an informative time and the ladies at each part were so very sweet.


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. My least favourite part was trying to stay zen once I got home!


I have been looking at the pictures of "the trip to end all trips". Such a great time and tribute to the clan. Just wanted to acknowledge what a GREAT time that we had all thanks to you. Keep Well.


You are amazing at what you do and your guidance has enriched our lives. THANK YOU.


Thanks for the great meal plan! Easy, fast, diverse and delicious recipes! Lindsey was so wonderful and helpful. She asked detailed questions and really cared for my healthy tummy.


The meal plan from Holihappy has me not even missing takeout!


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