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Lindsey Shields is the founder and visionary for Holihappy and the Holistic Mama Method. With a passion for holistic health she began her mission to create retreats that helped people in their perinatal journeys to create a foundation for wellness, navigate the overwhelm of the wild world of motherhood and have the safest, healthiest pregnancy and postpartum. Her most recent journey as a mom opened her eyes to the lack of education, support and preparation around the mothers in our society and it is her goal to change that with a preventative approach to pregnancy and postpartum.
 After battling for years with ovarian cysts, severe PMS, hypothyroidism, migraines and depression, Lindsey found the power that lie in improving her approach to wellness from a holistic point of view.
Her philosophy is based on the "F" word and that's continuously reflecting on WHAT we FUEL our bodies,  how we FEED our minds and FILL our spirit. She truly believes we can improve our health by bringing balance to these 3 key pillars and strives to do so in all aspects of her life and in those she supports.
We believe a preventative, natural and intuitive approach to our health is key to achieving this balance and for living a healthier and happier life. These principles guide our core teachings, services and practices at Holihappy, as we focus on helping clients improve their level of health and overall wellness. We offer a variety of services to help all of our clients as each individual requires a different level of guidance. Explore our site to learn more about us and what we can do for your health. 

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