Thriving Postpartum- 4 Week Program

Thriving Postpartum- 4 Week Program

This 4 week plan has been created with every detail in mind. All the nutrients you will need have been added so you can feel assured you're getting nutrient dense meals specifically for postpartum. Everything from supporting your recovery & healing to lactation, energy and balancing hormones. This plan is designed specifically to help you feel your best in the easiest way possible! What is included:

-4 weeks of meals designed to meet  your nutrition needs, such as iron, calcium, selenium, Vitamin A, E, D, probiotics and even collagen to name a few.

* These are meal plans generalized for typical dietary needs postpartum. There are options for customized plans for those who wish to upgrade to a 4 week customized plan based on your individual needs.

-10% off supplements from Beyond Nutrition

-20% off Ergogenics Protein Powder

- One 30 minute follow up after the 4 weeks are complete